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Wig It (2015)

"I'd rather be dead than cool", Kurt Cobain

"Strong and convincing art has never arisen from theories", Mary Wigman


It's a problem of a generation. It's since the Twins have fallen. They all promised us things about love. They even invented self-fulfillment. But we know that they are just a bunch of liars, but it doesn’t really help us. Never the less, we dance on stage, we are recruited to the contemporary project of expression, which is left with the limited range between all and nothing. We will die, so art… – and this is not being flat, cause it's faith, it's a gamble. 


Ido Feder’s new work is a work for four dancers, a group of “contemporary people.” One might call them “hipsters,” or young artists. They belong to a fucked up, lazy, indifferent, lost generation, and it seems that they are missing the one element essential to becoming an artist: expression. Through the use of distinctive, colorful lighting, a diverse soundtrack and expressive language that traverses dance styles and eras, the group insists on an artistic expressive act. They do not delve into the depths, they do not invent the wheel, and they do not have an ideology – but they know what they need and what they lack, and they go for it.

Choreography: Ido Feder 

Creative Partners: KARMA SHE: Carmel Michaeli & Nissim Tretiakov 

Music: KARMA SHE, Verklärte Nacht by Arnold Schoenberg 

Costumes & Styling: Nissim Tretiakov 

Lights: Ofer Laufer 

Dancers: Mourad Bouayad, Nitsan Margaliot, Stav Struz and KARMA SHE

Rehearsal Director: Tamar Shelef 

Video & Trailer: Yuval Shapira

Graphic Design: Noa Klugman

Pictures: Gadi Dagon 

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