At Hand! (2019)


The show seeks to light up the most relevant tools available for the art of dance today. In a mix of anxiety together with romantic aesthetics of dystopia, the performers rummage in their bodies and extract/perform their deepest patterns, fluids, and physical accumulated sediments as an act of healing in face of a world in crisis. The show suggests the possibility of the live body as a recycling site, showing an autarkic economy of entities that are both subjects and objects simultaneously.

At Hand!, or Hicon! in Hebrew means "get ready", "on your marks", "prepare!". This piece suggest a conceptual transition from Icon to Hicon! As a gang of 9 young dancers investigates iconic actions of performance art from the 60’s and 70’s. These intense and demanding actions reveal the ideal of implementing the artist's body into the artistic object. And now, at the present day, they serve as a preparation ceremony for this anxious and doomed generation. Faced with a world in crisis and upon destruction, they insist on preparing themselves for the art of the future. This ceremony asks us all to look at the shredded remains of the preparing-body, at the body/phone "at hand", at the endurance and capacity we share in our bodies, and at our willingness to act here and now- even if it's all to no avail.

"Feder has a passion for the surface and for loading it with expressionist compression, moral ambiguity, conscious stuttering, the atmosphere of the end of the world, a sense of broken boundaries, a contradiction between extreme passion and 'middling', an extinct individuality [...]. He is invested in the here and now as if there are no other options, and his images extinguish themselves at the same time as they are being watched, neutralizing past sediments" (Marit Ben-Israel on "At Hand!", from her blog "Ir Ha'Osher"- City Of Bliss)

Intimadance Festival, Tmuna Theater - 27.6.19
, 28.6.19, 29.6.19

Diver Festival, Tmuna Theater - 19.9.19, 20.9.19, 6.12.19, 7.12.19
Independent, Tmuna Theater - 13.3.20, 14.3.20

Concept and Choreography: Ido Feder
Co-creator: Michal Samama
Dancers: Tamar Ben Cnaan, Dror Birger, Ariel Bronz, Tamar Even-Chen, Shay Kukuy, Kobi Suissa, Amit Tina, Yael Weiss
Styling: Kobi Suissa and Tamar Ben Cnaan
VJ: Oriana Weich
References at Work By: Marina Abramović, Vito Acconci, Carolee Schneemann, Tino Sehgal, Lygia Clark

Supported by Mifal HaPais, Mandel Culture Center and Israeli Ministry of Culture

* The show features nudity



Top Moments: