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Bête de Scène (2010)


Bête de Scène is an investigation of performativity and its sensational presence. How can we become what commands the authority of the stage? What makes the event on stage transform a human to such a god-like beast? We discovered the entity, Bête de Scène, who is a creature that lives on stage, its habitat and home. The creature only lives there, where it is seen and where it is master of affects and effects. Yet, on this particular stage we have two Bête de Scène - they exist only as a couple, they are a companion species. Together they breath the spotlight, where being and representing are one; caged in metaphors and spectacles; performing the ceremony and game of confusion. Yet, they do not let go of the desire to tell their story; exist for their audience; and confess their own ‘becoming of bête de scène’.


Bête de Scène is the result of an encounter between two young makers, which happened in ex.e.r.c.e, a choreography formation in Montpellier, France, led by Mathilde Monnier. Following this meeting, the piece was developed and finalized through a series of artistic residencies in Brussels (Summer Studios/ROSAS), Lisbon (Eira), Bilbao (La Fundición) and Tel-Aviv (Shop31). It had the support of Gulbenkian Foundation and of the European Cultural Fund – STEP BEYOND. Bête de Scène was presented in La Fundición, (Bilbao, Spain), Tmuna Theater (Tel-Aviv, Israel), Negócio/Galeria Zé dos Bois (Lisbon, Portugal), Rosas Studio (Brussels), and as a part of the ex.e.r.ce presentation in Montpellier Dans Festival.

By Ido Feder & David Marques

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