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The Act (2014)

A young god of dance is preparing the stage, and a "real life" skater bursts in. 

The first, desires the production of the artistic act and he knows its history. The other, discovers the romantic and rebellious passion to be an artist through the breaking of the law. 

But is, in fact, the distinction, which the characters present, so clear? 

After all, isn't the actor the one always expected and entrusted with performing-truthfully? 

And who but the dancer is the eternal wandering teenager? 

The act of the theater, which is told here in a few acts, is ultimately a transformation, in which art and reality are entangling in the body that performs them. Thus, this ACT is what art desires to create, and reality demands to be.

Commissioned by Curtain Up Festival 2014


Choreography: Ido Feder 

Performers: Shahar Binyamini & Tamar Shelef

Lighting design : Omer Sheizaf 

Stage Design : Liav Mizrahi 

Costumes: Zohar Furman and Liav Mizrahi 

Music: Yuval Goren, Tamer Nafar(DAM) & Murad Abo Ahmad 

Artistic adviser: Itzik Giuli 

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