Dark Room (2019)

dark room2 - cho Ido Feder - Photo David

Image by David Kaplan

The turn to darkness in contemporary radical dance and performance became frequent. Different artists use darkness to inspire speculative experiences about freedom, so they can investigate the objection to the logic of light, which is identified with the cultural decay of the west that turned the project of enlightenment into consumerist capitalism that destroyed the earth. In “dark room” a gang of embodied artists will investigate the paradox of disappearance, not necessarily to constitute a new political order, but rather to prepare for a moment in culture where darkness will again be a survival necessity. In “dark room” we will try to recruit fantasy and anxiety that darkness enables under the conditions of the culture of light, so we can understand the sin and beauty of light, but mostly so we regain the desire to see the world again, and ourselves in it.

Concept and Choreography: Ido Feder

Dancers: Amit Tine, and La Collectiz! school #2: Roni Kagan, Amit Landau, Kobi Swissa, Roni Rahamim, Mishel Shalha, Noa Keller, Tal Cohen


Supported by Mandel Culture Center and Israeli Ministry of Culture

The work premiered at "Print Screen" festival 2019, The Israeli Center for Digital Art 

dark room4 - cho Ido Feder - Photo David
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Images by David Kaplan, Jesse Cohen neighborhood photography and Amit Tina