Diver Festivel

Diver Festival for contemporary dance is annually taking place over 3 intense weeks. During the festival, performances are presented all over Tel Aviv-Jaffa in different venues, theaters, museums and performance space. The content performed is introducing young and experienced leading choreographers from Israel and abroad. Next to the shows, the festival wishes for the conception of the present to transpire alongside the investigation of the past – thus, the history, philosophy and theory of dance are of importance to the festival. The political, aesthetic and social dimensions of dance are meant to appear together. Therefore, The festival invites and initiates collaborations with academics, journalists, other medias and artistic forms, educational organizations and many more, in order for dance to be celebrated in varied ways and appearances. Next to the shows, other dance related events are taking place, such as workshops, discussions, lectures, screenings, heated debates, parties and more.

Tights: dance & thought

Tights: Dance & Thought is a unique, first of its kind, platform that seeks to give the dance-thirsty audiences of Tel-Aviv Jaffa a place to create a discursive-community of dance. The goal before us is creating a profound discussion revolving around local dance, its philosophy, its history, its politics, and more.